In all of my work I look to the natural world around us for inspiration; not only in the tactile and visual elements, such as mountains, grass, etc. but also in dreams, hopes, spirits and stories of people I meet.

Recently, I have been working on paintings in acrylic, on canvas and/or wood, and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. I have shown my jewelry nationally for several years and paintings more locally.

I paint in acrylic, on canvas and or wood. Many of my paintings are part of a continuing body of work, which incorporate my love of birds, concepts of growth and flight and aspects of nature. The birds often represent spirit. The unusual settings they occupy, sometimes with other figures, often present a curious story.

My current body of work incorporates both disciplines of study and creativity. I have made compositions in which a piece of jewelry is a part of a painting. The jewelry is constructed in sterling silver and/or other metals with semi-precious stones and varied materials. Each piece can be removed from its painted environment, worn and returned. The paintings develop from my travel photos, research and sketches and emerge through a process of the application of many layers of acrylic paint and glazes. The series of “combination pieces” came about through a need to work in both artistic mediums at the same time. They seem to me to be enhanced memories of an experience. Looking at the painting is one experience – wearing the jewelry extends it.

Within this series is a specific series called “Silver Linings” They are portraits of clouds I have photographed, painted and embellished with a silver brooch made from scraps of Sterling silver. These are created in response to financial struggles of 2009.

Originally from Carmel, New York, a small, rural town one hour north of NYC, I studied at Syracuse University receiving a BFA (cum laude) in Silversmithing and Jewelry design in 1989. Included in my SU experience was a semester of study abroad at Sir John Cass College of Art in London, England. While living in the Seattle area I have continued studies in art as both student and instructor. I enjoy gardening, cooking, hiking and sharing stories with others.